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Heart // Solar Plexus


Taurus // Gemini // Libra




I see myself and others through the lens of the heart’s compassion, and I grow in the paths and serve the good of all.

Growth // Compassion // Hope // Connection With Nature // Forgiveness // Altruism // Spiritual Protection // Stability // Communication // Eloquence // Balance // Higher Consciousness // Adaptability // Alternatives // Choices // Youthful Zest


Chrysoprase assists in connecting with the abundant energy and love of the Divine. It stimulates the heart chakra and kindles an expanded ability to feel and express love. Chrysoprase can help one connect with nature beings and the beauty of the natural world. It assist us in fostering positive, healing thoughts towards each other and the earth.


As a heart healing stone, Chrysoprase can help one work with a host of emotional imbalances. It teaches us that anything that isn’t love, isn’t love. It helps us release attachment to fear-based emotions, beliefs systems and actions. It is an excellent stone for those who choose to heal from abuse, breaking the cycle of abuse for future generations. It is also helpful in understanding the karmic basis for emotional patterns within relationships.

Source: The Book of Stones // Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

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