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Third Eye // Solar Plexus


Cancer // Libra // Scorpio




I call forth the energies of the deep feminine, and I open myself to the inner gifts of the goddess.

Mystery // Self-discovery // Intuition // Dreams // Happiness // Good Fortune // Nurturing Mothering // Unselfishness // Love // Humanitarian // Hope // Spiritual Insight // Easy Childbirth // Safe Travel // Abundance // New Beginnings // Ancient Wisdom


Moonstone evokes patience and appropriate action. It teaches one of the value of working with Divine timing instead of railing against. Moonstone is a powerful stone for psychic awareness and intuition. Psychic ability allows one to open to outside guidance from higher beings. Moonstone enhances these communications and assists one in applying them at the proper time. Moonstone can help one become attune to one’s guides and follow their guidance in order to take appropriate action.


Moonstone can help one sort through one’s emotions and gain a higher perspective on their meaning and purpose. It can aid in releasing frustration and surrendering to the natural progress of the cycles of life. It enhances patience and helps one remain objective when receiving empathic information from others.

Source: The Book of Stones // Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

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