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Solar Plexus // Heart


Gemini // Leo // Virgo




I gratefully receive my birthright of success, abundance and prosperity on all levels.

Healing // Renewal // Purification // Rebirth // Growth // Relaxation // Comfort // Intuition // Increase // Prosperity // Warmth // Well-being


Peridot aids one in perceiving and honoring the source of all abundance. This source is the creators frequency of love. By opening one to receive more of this universal love, Peridot can help one receive abundance on all levels of one’s life. It also teaches the knowledge of other earthly realms, including the fairy realm. It is useful and connecting and communicating with other Earth beings, such as the plant and animal kingdoms. It is a wonderful stone to use in animal communication and healing.


Peridot helps remove blockages to receiving. Many spiritual people are adept at giving of their love, time and energy, but may not be good at receiving. Blockages are often located at the back of the chakras and exists as clouds within the emotional body. Peridot can assist in dissipating these blockages in teaching one to receive with grace and gratitude.

Source: The Book of Stones // Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

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