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Content Photo & Video Shoot

It takes a village. It really does when you want to create quality content for your business or for fun. There are so many talented artists in Omaha, NE and I wanted to share a bit about my photo shoot, the process and the beautiful people involved.

From left to right: Emmy (Owner of Em's Gems), Lauren, Carlos, Emily, Keyonna


I believe this is one of the most important tools in any type of photo or video production. First, it helps clearly nail down the aesthetic you're searching for, and second, it visually guides the team involved towards your vision. See how the final vibe embodied the moodboards below!


Next step is finding a photographer that fits your vibe. I chose Carlos because of his beautiful, dramatic and moody style. Carlos Aguilar is an Omaha based photographer and videographer. He takes inspiration from fashion and expressionist art movements to create mysterious and dynamic portraits and music videos.

Instagram: @baddiebarlos


Next a space. I knew right away what I wanted my set design to look like after creating my moodboards and Starlight Studios fit the bill. Their natural daylight and selection of vintage furniture was exactly what I was looking for. Starlight Studios is a creative workspace for artists of all genres to come together and create. They are also a vintage warehouse that opens their doors to photographers, artists, and other creative minds.


Now the talent! I am so lucky to have some beautiful, talented friends who were willing to help me out. They are both work in the beauty industry, so I didn’t have to hire additional hair and make-up for this shoot. Thanks guys! ♡ I was in need of an extra model, so I reached out to the manager of the studio for a referral.

About the Models

Keyonna (far left)

"My name is Keyonna. Many call me Key. I'm a person of many creative medias. I am mainly known for my photography and street wear brand called “Eww Feelingz”. “Eww Feelingz” is purposely in quotations for the sense of mockery or making fun of. Many people express this type of eww feelingz attitude and don’t acknowledge how important feelings truly are. They guide us throughout our life. We believe that everything starts with how you feel. You may have "felt" a certain way so it lead to a certain action, such as buying a product or slashing your exes tires. You have every right to feel your emotions but it's also important to understand them and the health of them. A lot of emotions are just swept under the rug as if they’re nothing. We go with society and hope for the best. This often leads to past traumas not being healed, built up guilt and/or anger, low self esteem, low confidence, no boundaries, and low self respect. Feelings play a big part in mental health and should get the same recognition and awareness!"

Instagram: @ewwfeelingz

Emily & Lauren (middle, far right)

Emily and Lauren share a salon space and provide a variety of beauty services. They offer hair cuts, color, hair extensions, lash extensions, eyebrow waxing, makeup application, and special event hair/makeup. They also have select pairs of Em's Gems available at their salon space.

Salon Space: 4281 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68137 // Suite #27

To book with Emily or Lauren, you can direct message them via their Instagram pages.


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